In Dessel, in the province of Antwerp, Architects Storme, Storkebaum and Van Ranst have renovated  the buildings formerly used by the Campina Brewery, and transformed them into an open and functional Town Hall.

References to this building’: industrial role in the past are the key to this architectural design. The contours of the building have been kept sober and rectangular; softened only by a rounded wood cladding which extends across the full width of the front facade.

Inside the central hall, walkways and staircases link toqether a number of mezzanine floors which are grouped around a huge brewers’ copper:  The  ‘cold’ effect of metal light fittings, industrial heating systems, galvanised steel steps, glass tiles and steel beams are compensated for by warm shades of lilac, pink, grey and blue and the natural materials which are used for the office furnishings.

Although no beer is brewed there today; the rcnovation of this familiar old building into a new public meeting place may wel! be the best thing ever to happen to this property.