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Philippe Van Goethem, Jean-Pierre Van Liefferinge and An Vervoort lead a close-knit team of about 32 competent employees: architects, urban and interior designers, BIM modellers, project managers and administrative staff.

Our architectural firm was founded by Paul Storme and Jef Van Ranst in 1972. We became known as SVR ARCHITECTS, as in the course of the years Philippe Van Goethem and business partner Jean-Pierre Van Liefferinge took over management of the firm.
Today SVR-ARCHITECTS has grown into an architectural practice employing 30 people and carrying out assignments throughout Belgium and abroad: a solid agency with a great deal of expertise and experience. But also and above all a wonderful collective of young and older employees, with more than 30 years of experience and prowess and with young emerging talent, where everyone can develop and grow. Our office in Antwerp is recognised for its technical expertise, creative aesthetics, cultural identity, economic return, professional pride and commitment.

SVR-ARCHITECTS designs major projects for national and international clients from the most diverse sectors including health care, laboratories, offices, housing, industry & logistics, leisure & retail, airport related, parking facilities and education. The completed buildings include new construction, renovation and restoration. The designs testify to a strong customer and result orientation and show a special commitment to people, society and the living environment.
In terms of the way we work and the type of commissions we can undertake, SVR-ARCHITECTS is continuously seeking to expand its reach. Our architects are increasingly delving deeper into future-proof and sustainable building and BIM technology. This builds on our existing expertise in building technology, programming, quality control, project management, BIM-technology, construction regulation and sustainable design.


  • not just to design sustainable buildings, but also build sustainable relationships;
  • to create added value through our experience, expertise and creativity;
  • to meet our commitments to cost, quality and timing;
  • to cooperate with our clients

SVR-ARCHITECTS is keen to prove itself: again, together with you, differently.