A unique icon of Modernism is re-emerging from its ruins at a distance of barely 20 km from Brussels. Tombeekheyde (AG Real Estate) has commissioned SVR-ARCHITECTS to put the finishing touches to the ‘Tombeekheyde’ project, being the renovation, extension and change of use of the sanatorium dating from 1936 that was designed by architect Maxime Brunfaut. Since 1993 the complex has been protected as a monument, and the park as a landscape. In 2009 it was awarded the status of architectural heritage. Once a landmark upon virgin land on the plateau above the Lane Valley, this building was the prestigious showpiece of the socialist insurance company La Prévoyance Sociale. At the end of a wide driveway and at the heart of natural surroundings, the building has everything of a Grand Hôtel on the French or Italian Riviera: a large volume with straight lines, with central arched extension resembling the bow of a ship. There is also a clean look with ceramic tiles adorning the façades, the spacious terraces and the generous glass all around. This look is being respected in SVR-ARCHITECTS’ renovation concept. The interior reveals a contemporary interpretation of what sun and light, air and space meant at the time as stimulating factors. The new residents will enjoy an optimal climate and comfort thanks to new technologies in the field of glass use, lighting, air circulation and thermal and acoustic insulation. After years of neglect, this unique architectural heritage is shortly set to become the new home of the state-of-the-art assisted living centre with 127 rest home rooms, 24 assisted residences and a public restaurant with direct access to the sun loungers and the park around. With its new use the building gives a nod from the future to its social mission of former times.