A new building always catalyses a new dynamic. So, the dreams and aspirations of the business school of the University of Tilburg (in the Netherlands) and related research institutions were then translated into an ambitious business plan in which the added value of the new building was taken into account.

The building was designed as a sharply defined, massive volume – to counterbalance a fragmented landscape of houses, university buildings scattered here and there, a train station, and small wooded areas.

Still, the building does not impose itself on the surroundings. On the contrary, tall pine trees come right up to it and one must come close to the building to discover its form and size. The theme of woods, trees and greenery appears again in the quiet, contemplative central courtyard into which the building opens on to.

The advanced educational infrastructure and presentation technology of the auditoria,  classrooms, break-out rooms, offices, and meeting places are strengthened by the direct contact with the green, inspiring environment.

In this environment, the new offices and school form a strong, coherent and stimulating whole, from which thinking and action take concrete shape in numerous new challenges and projects.