Architects Storme & Van Ranst have designed a new office building near Antwerp. The building was commissioned by DAF Trucks Belgium, who wanted a practical and flexible building for multifunctional use. Within these constraints the architects created a design with an individual character, whose original materials, unusual shape and pure lines contrast with the industrial ribbon development along the E17.

The building is shaped like a long wedge with a curved side: the front facade consists mainly  of glass panels and profiled aluminiun plates which have been fitted horizontally to emphasize the visual effect. Due to the open facade structure, the bustle within attracts the attention of passers-by.

The activities inside the building are spread across a ground floor and two upper floors, mainly taken up by offices.

From the inside the constant stream of traffic on the motorway creates an impression of perpetual motion.

In the evening and at night, however, this building’s open character and emphatic lighting make it a familiar beacon of light for passers-by.