The architect’s firm Storme Van Ranst has designed new offices in the heart of Brussels commissioned by Stevibis and Banimmo. This building will be the new workplace for the Socio-Economic Board of Flanders and a ministerial cabinet.

A striking building where the architecture of open, clear spaces free of corridors emphasises the open management culture of both organisations. The new building replaces an old office building like so many found on Wetstraat, with its interminably uniform facades, and adds not only an architectural accent to Wetstraat but to the surrounding area in general. The new corner building has one storey less and a fully curved facade. The ‘loss’ of 1000 m2 has been compensated for by making better use of each square metre by the architects and by the atmosphere and quality that the building now offers its users.

The Chrysalis project, with 6700 m2 work area, provides office space for 170  persons and was completed within the agreed timing and budget. The whole combination of light and space, view, interior finishing and comfort undoubtedly makes the Chrysalis building one of the most desirable workplaces on Wetstraat.