In Antwerp SVR-ARCHITECTS designed a new Mother and Child centre for the University Hospital of Antwerp (UZA).

Three previously separate departments were brought together: paediatrics, maternity and neonatology were combined to offer mother and child smooth and comfortable support.
At the same time the architects thought of the whole project within a ‘healing environment’ concept.

From the start the architects distanced themselves from the ‘grown-ups hospital’ and opted for a separate new building which through a unique architectural language, colour and material choice would project its own identity. Only a new monumental glazed bridge is the umbilical cord which connects it with the other departments of the UZA.

Inside much attention was given to create an ‘at-home’ feeling. Room-high and wide windows offer a panoramic view of the greenery outdoors. With a new approach to light, space, colours, images, materials and programming such as a little school and a playground on the roof the architects endeavoured to overcome the clinical feel as
an aid to the healing process.

Finally, much attention was given to reducing energy consumption and the rational organization of services.