Offices Chancellerie 1-9 (phase 2, design and procurement)

Project description

As a logical next step after phase 1 (renovation offices auditorium), SVR-ARCHITECTS was commissioned to strip the adjacent building at Rue de la Chancellerie 1-9 completely down to its basic frame and to recreate it as an efficient office complex for around 700 bank employees.

During the current project, a number of major refurbishments have already been carried out in the building. The new project was intended to build upon these.

Project details

  • Client: BNP Paribas Fortis
  • Completion date: Only design and procurement
  • Location (street)/country: Brussels (Rue de la Chancellerie)/Belgium
  • Status: Uncompleted
  • Floor area: 24.000 m²
  • Type: Offices
  • Renderings: SVR-ARCHITECTS

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