GZA Hospitals| Campus Sint-Augustinus | Wilrijk

Radiation bunker, connection corridor (phase 1), Cancer Center (phase 2), oncology day hospital, consultation rooms, kidney dialysis, gynecology, group management, lab, hearing center (phase 3)
Project description
Every day the GZA hospitals on the Sint-Augustinus campus receive two hundred walk-in patients with cancer. Thanks to the opening of the new Oosterveld complex they no longer have to cross the entire hospital for consultation or treatment. Since early this year integrated care is provided for them at one location: radiotherapy, consultations, oncological day clinic, psychological support, clinical studies, social services and dietitians can all be found in this new wing..
Project details
  • Client: Sint-Augustinus/GZA ziekenhuizen
  • Completion date: 2011 (phase 2), 2012 (phase 3)
  • Location (street)/country: Wilrijk (Oosterveldlaan)/Belgium
  • Status: Completed
  • Floor area: 1.214m² (phase 1), 9.992 m² (phase 2-3)
  • Type: Hospital
  • Photography: Yvan Glavie
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