Arenberg Accelerator (Bio-Incubator) 4

Project description

In collaboration with Proof of the Sum, work is underway on the new construction of Bio-Incubator 4 / Arenberg Accelerator within the existing Arenberg Science Park master plan. Further phasing with respect to the already realized Bio-Incubators 1-2-3. Hull building with prepared equipment for 9000 m² laboratories / offices / communal functions.

Project details

  • Client: NV Bio-Incubator Leuven
  • Completion date: april 2022
  • Locatie: Leuven (Gaston Geenslaan), Belgium
  • Status: in construction
  • Floor area: 4.500 m2 laboratoria / 4.500 m2 offices / 750 m2 underground carpark
  • Type:
    Research: laboratoria
    Utility: offices & common functions
  • Rendering: Proof of the Sum and SVR-ARCHITECTS

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