Offices, hotel (phase 3)

Project description

The new-build office (permission granted 2011) on the Zuidpoort site in Mechelen is located in the immediate vicinity of the station. For this reason the design provides for the additional option of partial hotel use. The wing that looks directly onto the road was designed as office space (ca. 3,000 m²). The wing further away from the street can be given hotel functionality for ca. 110 bedrooms (ca. 3,000 m²). The ground floor is also suitable for related catering and hospitality use (ca. 700 m²).

Project details

  • Client: ViRiX N.V.
  • Completion date: To be defined
  • Location (street)/country: Mechlin(Van Kerckhovenstraat)/Belgium
  • Status: Under consideration
  • Floor area: 2.954 m² offices, 3.760 m² hotel
  • Type: Offices, hotel
  • Renderings: SVR-ARCHITECTS

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