New headquarters
Project description
With the construction of a new head office Eternit NV wishes to create a pleasant and high-performance work environment for the main executives of the company and its subsidiaries. SVR-ARCHITECTS acts as local design team to provide expert guidance throughout the architectural design and construction work.
The aim is to achieve coordinated specifications ready for construction, based on the material choices and the leading architect’s pared-down details, adapted to local conditions and building standards. SVR-ARCHITECTS also has an important share in the supervision of the construction work.
Project details
  • Client: Eternit
  • Completion date: 2018
  • Location(street)/country: Kapelle-op-den Bos (Kuiermansstraat 1), België
  • Status: completed
  • Floor area: 2.900 m2 offices/2.500 m2 parking space
  • Type: offices
  • Photography: SVR-ARCHITECTS
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