New build and renovation

Project description

The project began in 1987 and integrated new-build and renovation into an effective whole which, with its advanced specialisms and people-oriented architecture, meets the patients’ needs and wishes. The idea behind the integration and increase in scale was to offer the highest possible level of medical services. For patients this means that they can be helped with various complaints in a single multidisciplinary hospital.

Project details

  • Bouwheer: A.Z. Sint Augustinus vzw
  • Datum oplevering: 1999 (nieuwbouw en renovatie) / 2004(palliatieve afdeling)
  • Locatie: Wilrijk (Oosterveldlaan)/België
  • Status: gerealiseerd
  • Vloeroppervlakte: 33.000m2 nieuwbouw, 25.000 m2 renovatie, 1.097 m2 palliatieve afdeling
  • Type: ziekenhuis
  • Fotografie: Freddy Haegeman

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