Dapperheidsplein in Anderlecht is getting an underground car park. The municipal executive has appointed the firm Apcoa to build the car park and tackle the square above it, which the council wants to be a green and friendly space. The work is scheduled to start in 2016. The car park will have at least 235 bays for cars and another 50 for motorbikes. Total surface area will be 2,800 m2, and a strategic location has been reserved for cyclists. The council also wants to give local residents a friendly green space which will be accessible for everyone and gives priority to soft traffic. The layout of the square and junctions will also be integrated into the overall traffic situation. Residents should also be able to move faster between their homes, the square and the local shopping district. The future square will also accommodate the Christmas market and other fairs and markets. Work will start during the second half of 2016 and last until 2018. The municipality has signed a 40-year lease agreement with the operator of the car park.