In Terneuzen (The Netherlands) the architects office Storme Storkebaum Van Ranst has designed a new office building for the mail-order firm Neckermann.

Their most important activity consists in receiving and managing telephonic orders. In the conception of the building the architects have given special attention to increasing the efficiency of this activity, This was achieved by creating a special design for the working areas, giving priority to light, space and professional comfort.

In this way the architects changed the former frantic flurry in calm efficiency.

Eye-catchers are the entrance hall with a large cornpletely wooden staircase, and the street of light, consisting of a centra! void over the complete height of the building and roofed over with a glass dome.

The elongated form, refined by curved lines and complementary volumes, calls forth associations with ships in the neighbouring harbour.

By means of the simple beauty idea of their design the architects support the highly streamlined organisation flow, necessary for the good operation of the mail-order firm and their 250 employees.