The architect’s firm Storme Van Ranst has designed a new office building in Antwerp. The style of the structure, its integration into the urban environment, and the unique view onto one of the largest gardens in the city, give the building an inspirational, transparant character – two characteristics that are highly appreciated by the employees of the international  audit-  and consulting-firm Deloitte & Touche. After years of operating out of various locations throughout the city, the company can now combine its energy and professionalism in a single new building that reflects their ethos.

The building has been designed with two wings – each in its own way harmonises with the existing environment without losing its architectural integrity. The building opens out completely into the curved façade of the left wing and in the delicate power of the gradually rising right wing.

The surrounding green campus emphasises the identity of the whole. Inside, light and airiness create a feeling of transparency. In  many places one can literally see through the building. Offices, meeting rooms, auditoriums, elevator shafts, and restaurant are never “cut off” trom each other but, via glass walls and openings, extend visually into adjacent spaces. The technological provisions in the building management system, thermal, acoustic and safety areas are installed according to a high specification and ensure the employees  – including the handicapped, tor whom special facilities have been provided – a smoothly operating, professional infrastructure, close to the Antwerp Ring and motorway network..