The architects Storme Storkebaum Van Ranst rebuilt an abandoned 1940’s hospital into offices for the Metal and Manufacturing Employers Organisation, Fabrimetal and Fabri Group.

In renovation the architects emphasized the attractive aspects of the existing site and the structure.

The exterior brickwork was retained as much as possible, whereas the interior of the central wing was opened up to a grand view of the park. An irnpressive 3 storey atrium with a glazed exterior supported by steel columns hold a gleaming staircase.

Metal is Fabrimetal’s passion: the inviting staircase, metal light fixtures, metal finish doors and steel handrails celebrate the organisation’s members products.

The north- and southwing contain offices, meeting rooms, cafetaria and training facilities. The architects paid much attention to the quality and penetration of natural daylight.

Fabrimetal  now disposes of 6000m2  usable surface. The result demonstrates that aesthetically pleasing renovation can result a technically performant building.