Label-printing works, offices

Project description

This new label-printing works consists of two built volumes: a fully glazed, two-storey, luxuriously finished office building, and a tall, concrete, finished print building. They are interconnected by means of a 35-metre long, 9-metre high glazed walkway which serves as entrance hall, fire barrier and pivotal point between the two buildings.

Because of the strict requirements regarding humidity and temperature control on the one hand and fire requirements on the other, an exclusively concrete structure was selected.

Project details

  • Client: Printing company St.-Luc
  • Completion date: 2002
  • Location (street)/country: Nazareth (Venecoweg, De Prijkels industrial estate)/Belgium
  • Status: Completed
  • Floor area: 4.100 m² printing works, 800 m² offices
  • Type: Industrial
  • Photography: Yvan Glavie

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