The UZA (Antwerp University Hospital) chose the innovative facade system ‘Forestlines’® from Houthandel Paulussen for its new building Clinical Pharmacology and Red Cross donor center.

Yesterday they won the prestigious Red Dot Award 2022 with their innovative fire-resistant concept Forestlines®.

The Forestlines® from Paulussen Houthandel is awarded not once, but twice in the prestigious Red Dot Awards.

The Forestlines® wins:

  • ‘The best of the best’ in the category ‘Materials and surfaces’.
  • The best innovative product’.

In projects of this size, the following aspects come into play:

  • Durability
  • Fire class (!)
  • Beauty

That the innovative Forestlines® was going to cause a revolution in the world of wooden roof and wall cladding was predictable. As a family business they are therefore particularly proud of this international recognition. After all, it is one of the very biggest innovation and design awards where the places of honour usually go to large multinationals.

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