SVR-ARCHITECTS were commissioned by the Brussels Airport Company to renovate a disused terminal into a new head office. The architecture of the circular building reflects the new values of the company, namely transparency and cooperation. The characteristic façade image of the former terminal was preserved, while the architects improved the acoustic performance and physical comfort. The work on the outer skin of the building was limited to replacing the windows and insulating the facades, so that the external noise could be reduced to a minimum.

The architects integrated transparent volumes which house the closed offices of the managers and conference rooms into the two landscape offices. These glass volumes give these very large spaces a more human scale and make it a plea-sant workplace. The glass volumes create a number of functional zones but do not always form a visual barrier. The large open spaces encourage informal contact between the members of staff. To convert the concept of transparency and cooperation into spatial experience, the architects chose an orthogonal structure within the basic circular form to enable the various functions and volumes to be integrated with the adjoining office landscape. A good physical environment, quality and comfort were the priorities in the new office building. The satisfaction of the staff has also increased significantly since mo-ving into the new premises.