Although current policy increasingly encourages hospitals to limit the length of the stay following a medical intervention, such short stays don’t have to be an depressing experience. Quite the contrary. GZA Ziekenhuizen is setting a new tone with a number of innovations on the Sint-Augustinus (Wilrijk) campus. Starting from an existing situation, a new world has been created which combines increased intervention and residential comfort with even greater patient safety. Given the complexity of designing totally new functionality within a working environment, GZA Ziekenhuizen called on the expertise of SVR-ARCHITECTS. In order not to hamper operational efficiency, we opted for gradual renewal and improvement of the services by redesign and renovation. Four departments have been given a new future in this way: the delivery room, maternity, coronary care and the central pharmacy.

In this new concept functions that were previously separate have grown towards one another. The labor and delivery rooms and the old cardio care and heart monitoring departments have melted together to form new wholes. The result is a cosier, more comfortable and safer stay in the hospital: a home from home.