Residential care centre, nursing flats, Poly Clinic, underground parking space, landscaping
Project description

Following inauguration of the new Revarté rehabilitation hospital in Edegem, Hof ter Schelde decided to develop a new future vision and global plan for the Left Bank campus. This vision focuses on three functions which form the basis of the new global plan. The first function is the residential care centre which takes up a central, dominant position within the new development. This function accommodates 155 beds and occupies a surface area of 12,168 m². This is broken down into four departments with corresponding service functions. Space will also be provided for day care.

Project details
  • Client: MKL vzw, Drie Eikenstraat 659 – 2650 Edegem
  • Completion date:
    Phase 1:
    – March 2012 – May 2016: Nursing / underground car park / squares
    – March 2012 – June 2017: residential care center /Polyclinic
    Phase 2:
    – Okt 2018 – June 2020: Care flats / departure point service 112 / general practitioners (sentry post)
    Phase 3: to be defined
  • Location (street)/country: Antwerp (Left Bank)/Belgium
  • Status: Phase 1 & 2 Realized
  • Floor area: Phase 1: 12.389 m² Rest and care home, – Phase: 2085 m² Nursing, – phase 3:  4170 m² Nursing
  • Type: Rest and care home, nursing home
  • Photography/renderings: Steven Massart / SVR-ARCHITECTS
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