In Evere, near Brussels the architects Storme-Storkebaurn-Van Ranst and Janssens & Associates designed a new office building for Banksys, a company managing the Bancontact and Mister Cash services.

In a first phase half of the project was built. The socio-political destabilization of the 1980’s obliged the architects to design a “safety architecture ‘. The building has to protect the base of operations for electronic payrnentprocessing.

For the second phase the architects provided the mirror image of the first building. But the evolution of technology, the new demands of Banksys and especially a changed socio-political climate,  invited the architects in 1990 to design for new values like communication, openness and representativeness. The architects did reinforce by their concept and use of durable materials Banksys’ distinctive and contemporary corporate image.