Workshops Municipal Academy for Fine Arts

Project description

The project included the construction of workshops for the academy’s sculpture department, which was based in the nearby château (first phase).

A second phase involved restoration and renovation, with some modifications, in the château itself.

Interaction between the new construction and the existing park and château was stressed in the design. The goal was to achieve landscape and spatial integration with the château by interpreting the existing buildings (dimensions, rhythms, scale, color, …) without imitating them. The façades are plastered, with a bluestone plinth.

Project details

  • Client: City Antwerp
  • Completion date: 2002
  • Location (street)/country: Merksem (Terlindenhofstraat )/Belgium
  • Status: Completed
  • Floor area: 828 m²
  • Type: Academy
  • Photography: Yvan Glavie

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