Headquarters, car park

Project description

The studio carried out a renovation and rezoning project on commission from Ter Beke, a publicly-listed company and one of the most important meat-processing businesses in Europe.

A disused building with industrial-archaeological charm was extensively restored and renovated to create new offices. Particular attention was paid to ergonomics and efficiency. At the same time the administrative headquarters were also renovated. Today all the buildings on the site conform to the image the company wants to convey: tradition, strength and quality.

Project details

  • Client: Ter Beke
  • Completion date: 1999
  • Location (street)/country: Waarschoot (Beke)/Belgium
  • Status: Completed
  • Floor area: 3.334 m² offices, 2.000 m² car park
  • Type: Offices, car park
  • Photography/: Freddy Haegeman

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