Overview projects 1975-2000 and 2001-present
Project description
Antwerp University Hospital (UZA) is a specialized hospital. The laboratories cover all clinical disciplines and occupy an area of 3,000 m², employing around 100 technicians and researchers. Design considerations included on the one hand optimal infrastructure efficiency for professional use and on the other the humanization of the interior for the patient/user. So, for example, medical-technical services were housed in a low, elongated technical unit, separated from the actual hospital by circulation towers.
Project details
  • Client: Antwerp University Hospital
  • Completion date: See ‘overview’ period1: 1975-2000 and period 2: 2001-until present
  • Location (street)/country: Edegem (Wilrijkstraat 10)/Belgium
  • Status: Completed and in progress
  • Floor area: 85.000 m2 (1975-2000) / 147.000 m2 ( 2001-until present)
  • Type: University Hospital
  • Sketches/Photography/Renderings: Google Earth/Steven Massart/Frank Toussaint/Frank Bahnmuller/Toon Grobet/Yvan Glavie/SVR-ARCHITECTS
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