Research building and Bio-Accelerator

Project description

Together with SumProject Architecture & engineering, SVR-ARCHITECTS wins the competition for the new Research Building for DMPR and the Bio-Accelerator on Campus Ardoyen, Technologiepark in Zwijnaarde. The new complex is a medium-high rise and consists of 2 separate blocks of 6 storeys with a common semi-underground parking. The blocks are implanted in an optimal and efficient way on the available terrain and take into account, among other things, accessibility, orientation, accessibility and visibility of the public functions from the central public square. In addition to the design and construction, the contract also covers the financing, maintenance and operation of the Bio – Accelerator. OBELISC SA is responsible for this part.

The Research Building, the front block, overlooks the Parvis and houses the researchers at DMPR.
The Bio – Accelerator, the rear block, is being developed as an accelerator building for Life Science and Bio-tech companies.


    • Client: VZW Lo²cus (VIB & UGent) en Obelisc NV
    • Completion date: Research building april 2020, Bio-accelerator, end of 2020
    • Location: Zwijnaarde (Technologiepark Ardoyen), Belgium
    • Status: research building completed, Bio-accelerator in construction
    • Floor area: Building 1: 15.800 m² labo’s + 2700 m² underground car park, Building 2: 15.800 m² labo’s + 2700 m² underground car park
    • Type: Research & Utility
    • Rendering: SumProject & SumResearch
    • In collaboration with: SumProject Architecture & engineering

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