Along the Scheldt River, just outside Antwerp, on the site of a former shipyard, the architects at Storme Van Ranst designed a new administrative centre and a new police building. Both projects fit in with the rezoning of 80 hectares of old, industrial land into a new residential area and workplace on the waterfront.

Due to its strong intrinsic value, the architects decided fo renovate the shipyard’s former adminis headquarters building into an open efficient and accessible glass house for citizens.

For this reason the facades are made completely in glass. It is a sober and rigorous building that ends at the top in a curved line shaped like an inverted ship’s hull. Simplicity and transparency are ever present inside and the river is never far away. A striking suspended steel aircase brings visitors from the atrium to open galleries that give access to reception and woking spaces.The jewel in the crown is the new coucil chamber. Situated on the top floor, under a huge truss, it inevitably reminds one of a Vikiing fortress.

The police building was designed with three floors and a discrete arcnitectural language.
Within a stone’s throw of the broad valley and powerful river, this new project is the hinge between the historic town centre and the new residential area and workplace, linking the past with the future.