Residential accommodation Harmoniestraat (blocks F & G)
BLOCK F The project design comprises the development of apartments and houses. The project needs to fit into a street consisting mostly of town houses and apartments.

The volume consists of four floors and a receding roof level. The depth of the volume is in line with the adjacent apartment building. The ground floor is built 50cm above street level to give the ground-floor apartments the necessary privacy.

Project details
  • Client: Cores Development
  • Completion date: To be defined
  • Location (street)/country: Antwerp (Harmoniestraat 3/5 and 9)/Belgium
  • Status: Under consideration
  • Floor area: 3.180 m² residential accommodation + 1.848 m² underground car park (Harmoniestraat 3/5)
  • Type: Accommodation, car park
  • Renderings: SVR-ARCHITECTS
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