VITO Lab | Pilot hall | Storage hall | Car park with connector and landscaping

Project description

On 21/12/2021, consortium Jef Van Oevelen / SVR Architects was selected for the ‘Framework agreement for the appointment of a design team for the implementation of the VITO Master Plan regarding the development of the site’. Domain 3 is considered by VITO as a site focused on research and innovation, which can be further developed in the future in function of possible future relocation from Domain 1.
Framework agreement buildings master plan domain 3:
  • VITO Lab: a building with 3 modular/flexible wings connected to each other at different positions (both in the horizontal plan and vertically), consisting of 4 floors above ground, a ground floor and 3 floors.
  • VITO Pilot hall
  • VITO Storage hall for the storage of gases (both in bottles and 2 tanks), the storage of chemical products, the storage of solid materials and samples and the storage of chemical waste in chemotainers.
  • VITO car-park
  • Connector (at height) forms the backbone for pedestrian traffic on the site within the master plan. It starts on the landscaped vegetation roof of the car park and connects the various buildings on the site from here, both in current and future developments on the site.
  • Landscaping

Project details

  • Client: VITO NV
  • Completion date: phase 1: +/-2023-2024
  • Location: Mol (Boeretang 200), Belgium
  • Status: environmental permit phase 1: 16 september 2022
  • Floor area: Masterplan Domain 3 (cadastral parcels): 193.531m²
    Phase 1: 13.960 m² (excl. car park) consisting of VITO Lab (research facility): 10.604m², VITO Pilot hall: 1.876 m², VITO Storage hall: 1.480 m²
    Car Park: 2.000m²
  • Type: Research building
  • Images: Blacksquid

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