Competition design Master plan 2025 

Project description

In 2020, Amate VZW launched a call for tender to appoint an architect for the Master Plan 2025. The assignment included a master plan for the entire site taking into account a number of preconditions such as a number of buildings to be retained and demolished and a phasing that would ensure that the existing number of rooms in the WZC section remained in use. Architektenburo Jef Van Oevelen and SVR-ARCHITECTS joined forces and were allowed to present a beautiful final result in front of the jury.
Throughout the concept, an objective is clearly discernible:
  • the individuality, privacy and security of each resident,
  • the involvement of all employees and
  • the efficiency of the entire operation in itself.
As a result, the choice was made to eventually reduce the whole to a contiguous building, where:
  • each department retains its individuality and
  • is present in its own way,
  • communicates with its surroundings and internal common areas.
The final whole opens up as a U-shape, towards the central park and terrace, and the adjacent forest as an extension.
In early 2021, the client decided to abandon the plans at short notice and discontinue the competition due to changed views.

Project details

  • Client: AMATE NPO
  • Date competition: 2020
  • Location (street) / country: Zandhoven (Nazarethpad 107) /Belgium
  • Status: not implemented due to discontinuation of competition procedure by builder
  • Floor area: 6900m²
  • Type: Competition, health care
  • Cooperation: Architectenburo Jef Van Oevelen
  • Images: 3d depoo

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