Residential apartment complex
Project description
Designed by architect Léon Stynen, built in 1933, and now a listed building, Elsdonck was conceived as a ‘extra-luxurious apartment building’ with commercial space on the ground floor and, on each subsequent level, spacious two- or three-bedroom apartments, each with an individual terrace, and finally on the top floor two spacious penthouses and service areas.

Building use has not changed since inauguration.

For Elsdonck, architect Stynen chose a steel frame which was completely clad with masonry and decoration.

Project details
  • Client: Elsdonck
  • Completion date: 1997
  • Location (street)/country: Wilrijk (Prins Boudewijnlaan )/Belgium
  • Status: Completed
  • Floor area: 3.300 m²
  • Type: Accommodation
  • Photography: Freddy Haegeman
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