Commercial pharmacy (building V)

Project description

At the main entrance of the hospital a new volume will be placed. From August 2020 a commercial pharmacy will utilise this space. This new building will function as an independent unit on the site of the University Hospital of Antwerp. The entrance to the pharmacy is at the side of the central footpath which forms the connection between the parking and the main entrance. In front of the canopy of the main entrance a new open space will be created. The outdoor space formed will link the footpath, the entrance to the hospital, the roundabout (drop-off zone), the new pharmacy and the footpath to the bus stops.

Project details

  • Client: University hospital Antwerp (UZA)
  • Completion date:  August 2020
  • Location (street)/country: Edegem (Drie Eikenstraat 655)/Belgium
  • Status: realised
  • Floor area: 340 m² Retail
  • Type:  utility (Healthcare)
  • Visuals and pictures: SVR-ARCHITECTS

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