Honorable 2nd for competition new head office VIB with Bio-Incubator

Project description

In September 2018, VIB Incubator nv (VIB & PMV) launched the competition for the design of new headquarters and a bio-incubator on the Eiland in Zwijnaarde site. This on Campus E of Ghent Science Park. We finished second with honor.

Our design proposal shown started from a purely orthogonal, compact building volume and was developed over 9 building layers. In accordance with the regulations, a legible distinction was made between offices (VIB head office) and ‘workshops / laboratories’ (BIC).
• ground floor level for public and support functions
• levels 2 to 6: 4 modules of BIC with the requested common program on each floor
• level 7: technical installations + 2 spare modules BIC
• level 8-9: headquarters for the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology.

Both construction programs were clearly visible within the same vertical, regular pattern. All functions were included in the building volume or carefully integrated in the landscape. This created space in the landscape to give a recognizable place to the ‘campus feeling’.

Project details

  • Client: VIB Incubator nv (VIB + PMV during the placement procedure representative of VIB)
  • Completion date: spring 2022
  • Location (street)/country:Ghent Science Park – Campus E (site Eiland Zwijnaarde) Zwijnaarde, Belgium
  • Status: Not applicable, we became 2nd in this competition
  • Floor area: 12.000 m² 
  • Type: competition, research and utility
  • Images: Proof of the sum

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