Residential apartment complex

Project description

The building is at the junction of Philippe Saveryslaan (parallel to the Scheldt), Paneellaan and Monteerderslaan, located along the beautiful central park in the new development. All apartments benefit from perspective views of the Scheldt. The block contains 26 apartments (including 7 with gardens) and 1 commercial space. The building has an underground car park, accessible from Paneellaan.

Project details

  • Client: NV Nieuw Temse
  • Completion date: 2007
  • Location (street)/country: Temse (junction P. Saveryslaan – Monteerderslaan – Paneellaan)/Belgium
  • Status: Completed
  • Floor area: 4.219 m² residential apartments / 833 m² underground car park
  • Type: Residential accommodation / car park
  • Photography: Toon Grobet

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